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Classroom/School Visits

Invite The Little Bucket to be heard...

As a teacher for 30 years I reached out to (Jeff) and he offered the opportunity to (visit) the classroom.   He not only read the book but ‘told the story’ to my second graders. What a difference when you tell a story (storytelling) versus read it. They were mesmerized, loving the whimsical verses and acting out the scenes with Mr. Bates. I was able to use the book in a variety of ways (including a play for the children which Mr. Bates wrote.) The back of the book has a section with a reflection and questions that help with class (or home) discussions. There is also a Teachers’ Guide that helps give structure for lessons to understand empathy, active listening, boundaries, and even more - feelings. I highly recommend this book for all ages as, even adults have a childlike side within themselves.

Kim Badgett
Teacher 3rd grade
Cocoa, Florida

Coloring Page From The Little Bucket

"As a teacher of special needs children, I am astounded at how quickly even children with reading comprehension difficulties can grasp the concept of looking inside oneself to find the truths we all search for "out there."


Jeff has provided us with a passionate, moving, simple, yet profound, message that parents, teachers and children alike can share again and again, finding new meaning and deeper understanding with each telling.

Vicki Bauer

ABA, Special Needs Professional

Titusville, Florida

"The Little Bucket" presents such a profound lesson in a way that children can understand and begin to utilize themselves.  The author visited the school where I teach 4-5yr old preschoolers, and their ability to understand and comprehend the book's meaning was amazing. A great      learning tool for both home and school.                                                       Sara Gilkerson

Pre-School Teacher, Cocoa, Florida

One of the greatest thrills that I had in telling The Little Bucket story was when I went to Oak Park Elementary School to share the story with 40 students who were chosen for their writing abilities between 3rd through 6th grades!  What an honor!  And I had so much fun and thank Nancy Praver & Oak Park Elementary for the opportunity.  This little book is still gaining speed...and it's message is more important now than ever!  "Happiness, for it to be real lasting happiness, is an inside job."

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MISSION 2020 Beginning March 1 - June 30



Authors 30 - 60 Minute Presentation includes:

1.  Telling with dramatic fashion The Little Bucket story.

2.  Interaction with students about the different facets of the story:   Where did the hole come from?   Talking about the universe and our place in space.

3.  The Ballad of The Little Bucket sing-a-long "Splish Splash Giggle Laugh" - play guitar and teach song.

4. If books have been purchased - sign them and give to each student.

5. Share Teachers Guide highlights with interested teachers (a separate time will be necessary) . Teaching:

a.  Setting Boundaries

b.  Expressing feelings

c.   Learning to imagine while listening (Active Listening) and creating a picture.

d.   Learning Empathy

"Happiness is an inside job!"

Please reach out to Jeff if you are interested in a STE (Story Telling Event) in your classroom!

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March 2 - June 30, 2020


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